Inspired by the love of the ocean, salty air and sunkissed skin, Irla Bikini was born.  Designed in Australia and manufactured in Bali, the luxe, fashionable swimwear puts ‘fun’ into sustainable, ethical fashion.  Mix and match our reversible bikini designs that are made seamlessly from soft Lycra!!

We are all about living consciously.  From loving the skin you’re in, to saving the environment. 


Body Positive

We want girls to feel confident with their bodies so we’ve designed swimwear from tweens to women.  Our fun fresh reversible designs, matched with bold, bright prints and fabrics will let every girl feel empowered, confident and radiant.  Positive body image starts in young women, we want every girl to know that no two bodies are the same, yet all bodies are unique and beautiful.  We want girls to empower, support and motivate each other, be real and true to themselves and let their inner light shine.


Ethical & Sustainable

Our swimwear is seamless, made from soft luxurious recycled and regnerated fabrics and ethically made – sweatshop free.  We’re conscious of the impact the fashion industry has on our environment.  We’re also buoyed by the ground roots change that is beginning to spread through the industry.  Labels who have made the conscious decision to put the protection of our environment ahead of quick profits.  We knew from the start that this was the direction we wanted our company to take.  Environmentally friendly, recycled and regenerated fabrics and eco friendly dyes.  All our fabrics are made from recycled polyester, reclaimed from abandoned fishing nets left to cause havoc floating through our seas and oceans, empty plastic water bottles and other recycled plastics.  Our packaging is compostable, our company tags made from recycled materials, we even donate leftover scrap material to be used in rugs.  We will be proactively ensuring our company has a positive impact to the environment and forever evolving with this in mind.


Giving Back

With every purchase made from Irla Bikini we donate 1% to help support and protect Australia’s oceans and marine wildlife.  We want to ensure that everything we do and strive for, has a positive impact.  We’re excited to support our friends at the Australian Marine Conservation Society.  A charity dedicated exclusively to protecting ocean wildlife and their homes.  One of the oldest conservation groups in Australia, The Australian Marine Conservation Society is the only group dedicated to protecting Australia’s amazing oceans and marine wildlife.  When you buy from Irla Bikini you help support this amazing charity.